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about redpatch

The HETTARER 'red patch' improves battery
performance by 20-40% over a period of
about 60 days. Simply attach it to the back
of your mobile device.

Size: 30mm x 30mm

Material: Conductive paper with easy-peel adhesive
backing, developed and manufactured in Japan.

Performance: Improves overall battery performance,
including shorter charge times, by 20-40% for up to 60 days
depending on usage patterns, device conditions, and
environmental conditions.

Directions for use: Simply stick the redpatch to the back of
your mobile phone or other battery-powered electronic
device. Buy in bulk for all of your device. Order yours


A 'starter pack' to ensure you always have
a redpatch on hand.

Price includes international shipping from Japan. Allow 3-6
weeks for delivery.