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Don't waste your life waiting for your phone to charge!
Put a redpatch on it.


Lifestyle Choice.

Be the first to stick a redpatch to the back
of your phone and see overall battery
performance improve by 20 to 40 percent
for up to 60 days.


Made of conductive paper, this battery
hack from Japan collects charged particles
from electric current occurring naturally in
the air as well as in the device.

Charge Amplification.

The particles collected by the patch,
including those normally discharged, are
amplified by the heat emitted from the
battery, promoting extended battery life
and reduced charging times.

redpatch HETTARER

Size: 30mm x 30mm

Material: Conductive paper with easy-peel adhesive
backing, developed and manufactured in Japan.

Performance: Improves overall battery performance,
including shorter charge times, by 20-40% for up to 60 days
depending on usage patterns, device conditions, and
environmental conditions.

Directions for use: Simply stick the redpatch to the back of
your mobile phone or other battery-powered electronic
device. Buy in bulk for all of your device. Order yours